Misha Pankevich,Test Automation Manager at Rabobank International

I worked together with Inico on Test Automation at International Direct Banking department at Rabobank International. During our cooperation Inico proved to be a highly reliable and many sided proffesional, very strong in managing complete tasks and responsibilities and at the same time a great communicator and people manager. I would highly recommend Inico as a Test Manager or Test Automation Manager, he will be of great benefit to any test team. I will be happy to go in more details if contacted personally. 20-12-2013

Hamza Ismail RazzakTest Analyst, Elmar Reizen

I have had the pleasure of working with Inico for one of the most challenging set of assignments in my career. Whilst possessing an undying passion for testing, he has an unwavering focus on delivery and quality. Needless to say, Inico also has a wealth of testing knowledge and his valuable expertise in setting up the test automation was exceptional. He has a professional approach to each task he tackles whilst creating a truly productive and positive approach to testing. Inico stands out as a great promise of stability in a high-variance IT world, proving himself to be the rare stuff that great testers are made of. A great guy who has the right attitude, and my recommendation follows him into anything that he decides to venture in. 31-03-2011

Menno van Eekelen, Project/Release Manager, Microbais

Inico is one of the few natural agile testers I know. Through collaboration with all team members and stakeholders, he focuses on high quality end results for both the product and process. This makes him the ideal team member in agile software development projects. For me working together with Inico is inspiring and motivating because he knows how to combine his passion for testing, quality and structure with a healthy dose of pragmatism, patience and humor.” October 26, 2009

Hanno van Maanen, Software Architect, Microbais Automatisering B.V.

 worked directly with Inico at Microbais “As the Test Lead of our Agile team, Inico managed to bring the quality of the product to an higher level. With his pragmatic approach and focus on quality we have achieved a very good result. At the same time he got good understanding of complex business logic, in an area new to him. He is a great team player and someone I would highly recommend.” September 22, 2009

Machiel Groeneveld, Team Lead, Microbais

“Inico not only has a firm grip on Agile Testing, he also managed to improve it. Working with Inico is invigorating and he is one of the rare testers that can focus the whole team on achieving high quality results. With Inico on board, you can rest assured things will get done.” September 14, 2009

Johanna Adamson, Test Manager, Rabobank International

“For more than half of 2008 Inico has joined the IDB Test Centre achieving excelent results. He got full understanding of a very complex system in record time and enforced the test cycle aiming for good quality when timelines where tight and new challenges were appearing during the run of the project. He has what a good testing professional needs: a critical mind, the ability of abstraction and the aim to deliver high quality assignments. And last but not least important, a great sense of humour!” August 26, 2008

Cees van Barneveld, Interim Manager IDB Test Centre, Rabobank International

 “During eight months Inico did work for me. He is very dedicated doing his job. As a Test Manager he takes responsibility and you can count on him fulfilling his job. He has a good feeling of the activities that really matters. I recommend him as a Test Manager / Consultant!”

Joris van Gaal, Website concept manager, Rabobank International

“Inico’s work for Rabobank International has a very high standard. He knows how to play his role as a test manager very well. He knows exactly what he is doing, he has profound knowlegde of testing and technique and he is not afraid to put the responsibility where it belongs – even though it means that it will result in fierce discussions. In the field of test managing he smoothly finds his way in bridging sensitive topics between the various departments: technique, project management, project boards, marketing & products. Inico is a great person to work with and when he’s on board you are guaranteed of bringing quality & fun in!” August 1, 2008

Bas M. Dam, Consultant Test Automation, ING Group

“Ik heb Inico ervaren als een intelligente, betrouwbare collega. Naast dat zijn werkmethoden getuigen van een goed begrip van de inhoudelijke testmaterie, weet hij ook uitstekend hoe een (test)project in elkaar steekt aan zowel ontwikkel als business zijde. Opgeleverd werk is straight forward en van goede kwaliteit.” February 14, 2008